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Nail 2021 By Spending More Time On The Water

Dec 23, 2020
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We can all agree that 2020 is not the year we expected. Trips were made and cancelled. Goals and expectations were difficult to keep. Plans were postponed and rescheduled for another time.

What is one goal we can all get behind? More time on the water. Whether that is only for a few hours watching the sunrise or piling the family in for a few runs before dinner; life is busy and complicated right now, but any time spent with a day on the water is a good one in our books. 

2020 has been all about pivoting, rediscovering old favorites, and new ways to enjoy the simple things in life. Let’s all go back to our roots and passions, remember old favorites, and simply enjoy the feeling of the wind whipping by on your next cruise.

Start small. Get a fishing weekend trip on the books, coast a local waterway, or enjoy a takeout lunch from your local marina. You might be surprised at just how quickly you can find new ways or excuses to spend more time on your Chaparral. Pull out your calendar now and make plans for a few boating weekends in 2021. What is on your docket for Memorial Day? Fourth of July? Start with some of the traditional big boating weekends and start filling in your calendar from there. The earlier you make plans and set plans, the more likely you are to keep them.

We all get set in our routines. The idea of seeing a sunset on the water, fishing at dawn, or enjoying an on-board dinner can seem difficult to make plans for and keep. Don’t think too much into it. Just do it. Head out on the water. Make plans. Redefine what your routine means to you. Whether it is a fishing trip or day out wakesurfing, these precious moments on the water will make 2021 memorable for all the right reasons.

Are you resolving to spend more time on the water next year? Let us know how on Facebook and Instagram. Tag us in your photos, and we wish you all the best for 2021.