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Chaparral’s Guide To Fall

Sep 28, 2020
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For many, Labor Day Weekend is the “unofficial” end to the boating season. While the days may be getting shorter and shorter, your fun on the water can still continue before the last leaf drops this season. 

Try to get out on your Chaparral earlier. It can be a lot easier to start out in darker, cooler conditions and watch the sunrise as opposed to getting out later and seeing a sunset. Think of it as a reward for getting up early, plus the waters won’t be as busy. 

During this time, you might consider adding some flexible lighting options to your boat in the form of flashlights and dimmable lanterns. Having a few spare lights on board helps make you feel more confident about being on the water in the wee hours of the morning or if it gets late. 

If getting on the water isn’t an option, for an early “first look” at fall foliage, one of our favorite spots to see autumn colors is in Bar Harbor, Maine. This charming coastal spot is home to some of the earliest color changes, which seem even more beautiful next to its rich blue waters. Your trip here will be characterized by scenic bay views and a medley of rocky landscapes with thick, leafy trees that run right up to the shore. Don’t forget to check out a lighthouse while you’re there!

Fall leaves are a good reminder that it’s time to begin winterizing your boat. The winterizing process varies per boat, but the main to-dos include flushing the engine with antifreeze, draining and changing the oil and oil filter, and adding a stabilizer to the fuel in the tank. Make sure to give everything a good clean from top to bottom. Wash the hull, clean the bilge, wash the interior, and remove any unnecessary items from our storage compartments to get ready for storage. Of course, always consult your owner’s manual for complete steps and any questions you may have. 

While this season is coming to a close, now is a great chance to download all the photos you took during your summer adventures. Think about printing them into a photo book so you can reminisce all winter long or share them with us @chaparralboats or #LoveWhereYouLake.